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Special Offer - Media Marketing Magic Package
by Raleigh R. Pinskey

Raleigh R. Pinskey
Author Speaker Coach

1. 101 Ways To Promote Yourself (eBook
OR Book)

2. 101 Ways To Write Results Producing Media Releases
        ...In The Internet Age (eBook
OR Book)

3. 101 Ways To Get On Radio, TV and Internet Talk Shows
        ...In The Internet Age (eBook
OR Book)

4. 101 Ways To Sell Your Books & InfoProducts On
        The Internet ...In The Internet Age (eBook
OR Book)

5. Interviews - Creating Your 8-Second Media & Marketing 
        Benefit-Driven Power Pitch
        (2 MP3s  & 2 eBooks
OR 2 CDs & 2 Books)

6. Case Study - How I Sold 150,000 Books of 101 Ways To
Promote Yourself...So Far (1 MP3 OR 1 CD)

30 Minute Phone Consultation with Raleigh



6eBooks & 3 MP3s


6 Books & 3 CDs
$675.00 Shipping Incl.
USA only


               HERE'S WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING....

“I signed a $50,000 project…”

“Raleigh R. Pinskey, by following your guidelines, I traded a $3,000 ad bill for a 2-page trade journal article, FOR FREE. The article was out two weeks when I was hired by a large company for a multiple tasks project for over $50,000. Thank You, Thank You.”

— Susan Berkley, president, Berkley Productions, a New York communications
skills consulting and training firm, author of Speak To Influence

“Saved me a $4,800 advertising bill…”

“Never considered sending a news release to Cosmopolitan. 756 responses = $1,500 profit. Your seminar tip saved me a $4,800 advertising bill.”

— Michael Laskow, co-founder TAXI, an A&R company for musicians

“...30-plus magazines & 300 radio shows…”

“Raleigh R. Pinskey, media maven, jet-propelled my career.  Every day, I benefit from her seminar, and her incredible book, ‘101 Ways to Promote Yourself’.  As a result, I’m in 30-plus magazines,
over 300 radio shows and I increased my client list to include Fortune 1000, health, leisure and
travel companies. I recommend this 'dynamite diva' for anyone who wants to promote a business
as never before.”

— Bill Lampton, Ph.D., Consultant, Speaker, Author of The Complete Communicator

Jay Conrad Levinson even gives out Raleigh’s book…

“Raleigh R. Pinskey's information is first class! I like what she says so much I even give out her book!”

— Jay Conrad Levinson, author of Guerilla Marketing

“Raleigh taught me everything I know about PR...”

“Raleigh taught me everything I know about PR. Raleigh R. Pinskey not only shows you WHAT to do, she reveals the step-by-step secrets of HOW to do it.”

— Alex Mandossian, Traffic Conversion Strategist

“Raleigh is the only one I trust to teach this information...”

“I had Raleigh teach a class on How To Write Media Releases at my ‘No B.S.’ seminar because she is the only one I trust to teach this information to my subscribers. And boy did she live up to her reputation. Great tips on how to use the media to make money from your books and info-products, and great ideas and angles to make the media stop, look and listen long enough to report the benefits to their audience.”

— Dan Kennedy, Consultant, Author of No B.S. Marketing

“Raleigh teaches usable & practical strategies...”

“Not only did you teach me usable and practical strategies and unique techniques to promote myself and my products on and offline but you had me laughing all the way with your incredible humor.”

— Joel Christopher Master List Builder


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